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CSCI 1302 Computer Science II

Phidget Projects:


CSCI 3342 Systems & Network Programming



CSCI 4320 Software Engineering

Spring 2015

Client: Mrs Sandy Baxter and Kendall Stiles (Communities in School)
Web-based check-in system that tracks volunteer hours.

Client: Mrs Caroline Collier( Multimedia Technology Center)
Web-based software that will track developer hours and prepare billing reports.

Spring 2014

(Ja’Nicecia Nobles & Kevin Ozeryansky)
Client: GC Nursing Department:
Software will allow nursing students to simulate the real world working environment of a nurse and patient scenario. Student nurses will scan both the patient and medicine barcodes to make sure they have the correct patient/medication. They will be able to add, remove, patients/medication and print unique barcodes for the patients and/or medication.

(Phillip Vinson, Joshua Shadwick, William Smith)
Client: GC Geography Department
Software will help the visitors of Lockerly Arboretum find information on donated trees, areas of interest, trails, and other pertinent information. This easy to use software will run on any web browser. Visitors will be able to search for specific donated trees by their donor, or by the person in which the tree is meant to honor, and receive directions to that tree through our software. An Administrator will also have the ability to add new information to the trees such as location updates, information about the tree, and the ability to add new trees all together.

(Rob Grimes, Thomas Hughey)
Client: Chard Wray Food Pantry
Software will be used to maintain a database with the ability to add, store, edit, delete and search for patron information. This application software will allow for our client to operate more efficiently and manage data in an easier manner.




CSCI 4950 Special Topics (Game Programming)

GameProg Pokemon Tower Defense

GameProg Tower of Defense

GameProg Top Down Shooter

GameProg Crossing Turtle

GameProg JaNiceciaKevin


CSCI 4960 Internships

  • Georiga College computer science student talks about REU experience Research Experience for Undergraduates. (Blanton)
  • Georgia College computer science student discusses his internship experience (Peat)