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NameGraduation DateRoleLinkedIn
Baugus, Harold W.198703-N/A
Paul, Wanda L.198703Local Courts Account Manager - Micropat
Sparks, D. K.198703-N/A
Vastakis, Dimitri M.198703Sr. Architect at The Home Depot
Anderson, Jeffery S.198706-N/A
Wilson, Paul W.198709-N/A
Correa, Errol T.198803Group IT Operations VP, Imerys
Grubb, Edward D.198803-N/A
Jackson, Sherry L.198803Experienced SQL Programmer, Report Writer, Website Designer and Database Designer/Developer
Phillips, Billy M.198803IBM Global, Server Field Operations
Debenedittis, Gayle E.198806Associate Manager, EDI & Middleware at Energizer
Witt, Jennifer L.198806E-Commerce Developer/Designer
Layton, Alan W.198809(Former) Distance Learning Coordinator, Oconee Fall Line Technical CollegeN/A
Layton, Patricia N.198809SSC HRIS Analyst II
Sanders, Richard L.198901-N/A
Worsham, Benjamin A.198901-N/A
Fonner, Richard K.198903Software Developer - McGuireWoods LLP
Williams, Nelda T.198903-N/A
Delk, Chris T.198906CTD Software
Ferguson, William T.198909Associate Broker
Porch, Charles H.199001-N/A
Cape, Terry R.199003IT Analyst, Southern Company
Deraney, James J.199003-N/A
Griffith, Glenn A.199003Software Developer, Namasco
Lambert, Joe A.199003-N/A
Nunez, Francisco J. (Pepe)199003Real Estate Agent at Solid Source Realty
Radcliff, Monica G.199003Director of instructional Technology, Bibb county public schools
Thompson, Randall P.199003Manager at Huron Consulting Group
Vining, Michael W.199003-N/A
Williams, Gita C.199003Georgia College, Associate Professor
Davis, Nathaniel E.199006-N/A
Halim, Sajiya S.199103Database Architect at BBDO
Herrera, Edgar199103Presidente en Tdtx Industrial INC C.A.
Jordan, Crystal Y.199103-N/A
Price, Scott G.199103Independant Computer Software Professional
Taylor, Robert F.199106-N/A
Horton, Joseph E.199201Promotional Merchandise Sales Coordinator at Mohawk Industries
Lumpkin, Eunice R.199201N/A
Ali, Syed A.199203Security Testing Consultant Resource Development Manager at Techleap Systems Inc.
Blair, Russell W.199203-N/A
Boyd, Ronald J.199203Associate, Beck Facility Services
Dibiaezue, Charles C.199203Marketing Information Manager at Bank of America
Lieck, Nancy E.199203-N/A
Maholski, Andrew D.199203Senior Systems Integration Engineer, Dispersive Networks
Negandhi, Ashish199203Managing Director at Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC
Panjwani, Manish199203Managing Director, NA Technology Consulting and Global Technology Advisory Lead
Puckett, Christopher S.199203-N/A
Rajiah, Christopher199203SVP, Global Alliances & Partnerships at Alert Logic
Richardson, Wesley S.199203-N/A
Roy, Sumit199203President and Chief Operating Officer, Realty Income
Zhou, Feng199203-N/A
Goode, Michael S. (Shane)199206Business Intelligence Solution Architect, Internatinonal Business Machines (IBM)
Gott, Larry E.199206-N/A
Murrah, Michael R.199301Assoc. VP for Software Strategy and Senior Engineer at IS4S
Reid, Carolyn L.199301Information Technology and Services Professional
Davis, Dexter G.199303-N/A
Mazumdar, Sarojit199303Managing Partner at Aibotz
Mercado, Eduardo I.199303University at Buffalo Associate Professor
Moore, Michael B.199303Team Lead IT Architect at Voya Investment Management- Asst. Vice President
Saunders, Steven J.199303Software Development Manager at Oracle Corporation
Sen, Debashis199303Lead Consultant at Sterling Commerce
Smith, Samuel S.199303-N/A
Stephens, Michael B.199306-N/A
Brown, Jerry L.199309-N/A
Lin, Chen Y.199309-N/A
Sharpton, Billy E.199309-N/A
Patel, Amita A.199401Seniore Technical Project Manager, PMP/Scrum Master
Taylor, John E.199401-N/A
Zhou, Zhuobei199401-N/A
Bhattacharjee, Samrat (Bobby)199403Financial Advisor, TD Ameritrade
Worah, Devashish199403-N/A
Davidson, Christopher H.199406Senior Software Engineer, QSI/NextGen Healthcare
Lowe, Kimberly J.199501-N/A
Beall, Stephanie C.199503Director, Senior Programmer Analyst at Encompass Group, Inc.
Defoor, James L.199503Director of System Administration at Georgia College
Holt, Gary L.199503-N/A
Leavitt, Anne M.199503-N/A
Barlow, Timothy A.199506-N/A
Macdonald, Patrick A.199506-N/A
Zhang, Jian199506-N/A
Harrelson, Michael L.199509Senior Systems Engineer at LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Robinson, Christopher J.199509-N/A
Skinner, Robyn M.199509-N/A
Fowke, Fitzhugh L.199601-N/A
Pate, Russell W.199601Senior Developer at Pipeline Controls & ServicesN/A
Pritchard, David K.199601Software Engineer at Notora, LLC
Barfield, Robert B.199603Software Engineer,Cisco Systems
Beynam, Mustafa E.199603VP of Engineering, Solvoyo
Burley, Yvonne R.199603-N/A
Chambers, Don M.199603CEO, Rebus Technologies
Coneway, Stephanie R.199603-N/A
Deason, Jeffrey T.199603Principal Technology Innovation Lead at Chick-fil-A, Inc
Grigsby, Benjamin C.199603-N/A
Hindman, Christopher R.199603Georgia College, Manager of Networking AdministrationN/A
Kowalewski, Krzysztof199603Computer Software Professional
Resha, Thomas S.199603-N/A
Simmons, Ladietrich M.199603-N/A
Smith, Chad E.199603-N/A
Williams, Amy J.199606Manager, Dedicated Infrastructure Team (Retired)
Lane, Mary K.199609Sr. Systems Analyst, Anthem
Ashley, Brenda L.199703Robins Air Base, Computer Scientist
Cox, Nelson A.199703-N/A
Garcia, Raul199703Technology Support Tech, Gwinnett County Public Schools
Kavrakov, Vesselin  (Vess) S.199703CEO at Vertintiy Ltd
Osborne, Garry N.199703-N/A
Rivers, Claude B.199703-N/A
Mccoy, Stacy L.199801-N/A
Everett, Richard M.199803Solutions Architect at Global IT & Recovery Services
Hofrichter, Tracy A.199803-N/A
Li, Zhe199803-N/A
Preyer, Johnny199803MailChimp, Systems Engineering Manager
Schall, Kenneth G.199803(Former) MIS Application Coordinator at City of TallahasseeN/A
Young, William B.199803Department of Veteran Affairs, Management Analyst
Cranford, Ace B.199806-N/A
Keegan, Robert M.199806-N/A
Potter, Jonathan L.199806Technologist at Ford Motor Company
Hofrichter, Thorsten199808Senior Manager, The Coca-Cola Company
Keegan, Joy R.199808-N/A
Mitchell, Robert J.199808-N/A
Goddard, Matthew K.199902System Engineer at MCSG Technologies
Gunter, Benjamin D.199902Development Manager at Digital Envoy
Harrell, Joshua C.199902-N/A
Repzynski, Michael B.199902-N/A
Shah, Ami J.199902-N/A
Whitworth, Kirk C.199902Solution Engineer at ATEME
Gamblin, Aaron M.199908Computer Scientist at United States Air Force
Hofrichter, Martin199908-N/A
Hosoi, Hiroyuki199908-N/A
Kimani, Monica N.199908Sr. Business Systems Analyst at City of Atlanta
Bhattarai, Anup200002Sales Engineer, Motorola Solutions
Darsey, Christopher M.200002-N/A
Ford, Ronald T.200002-N/A
Griffin, Bryan J.200002Manager of Systems Integration at Agilysys
Jordan, Elizabeth D.200002-N/A
Joseph, Julius J.200002-N/A
Liu, Siyun200002-N/A
Nalbone, John T.200002-N/A
O'Donnell, Kerilyn A.200002Digital Quality Lead
Witt, Jennifer D.200002Super Duper Publications, e-Commerce Developer/Designer
Filkins, Jenifer H.200008N/A
Rodriguez-Chiappetta, Luis G.200008VP of Engineering at Bluetick Inc
Galyean, Clinton B.200102-N/A
Gaskins, Jessica L.200102Independent Computer Software Professional
Gass, C M.200102-N/A
Gay, Miranda L.200102-N/A
Gaye, Mamat200102-N/A
Moore, Douglas M.200102Associate Director of IR, Admin/Developer for Oracle Data Warehouse
Pointer, Melissa L.200102-N/A
Raghuvanshi, Vishal200102Risk policy Senior Manager at Citi
Toulson, Lillian K.200102-N/A
Savona, Robert L.200105-N/A
Singh, Himanshu S.200105Medical Informatics Director at DSS, Inc.
Thakkar, Darsh J.200105Aaryan Management Inc, President
Triggs, John J.200105-N/A
Carey, James A.200202Neonatal Transport RN and Charge RN at Medical Center, Navicent Health
Kitchens, Keri A200202ResCare, Associate Director
McGouirk, William M.200202Owner, Slick Traffic LLC
Sinanan, Mitra A.200202ICT Manager at Equal Opportunity Commission (Trinidad & Tobago)
Wise, Charles W.200202-N/A
Krstulovic, Marko200205CEO at Galileo.hr
Lowe, Makeisha C.200205Retail Manager at Sodexo
Ray, Edward Z.200208-N/A
Stevens, Christopher M.200208-N/A
Braxley, Jacob S.200302-N/A
Dewald, Heather J.200302Business Development Executive, Enterprise Holdings (HeatherDewald Bell)N/A
Farr, Bryan200302-N/A
Fowler (Reeves), Karyn L.200302Senior Software Development Manager at Vertafore (Karyn Fowler)
Gale,Robert (Daniel)200302Application Developer at RMCI, Inc., Instructor at Georgia College
Hayden (Cammon), Crystal S200302Program Manager at United States Department of Defense
Hok, Erich A.200302-
Jackson, Andre M.200302-N/A
Kettani, Mohamed G.200302-N/A
Hooks, Kristin A.200305Business Analyst at Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Agarwal, Ritesh P.200308Practice Lead - BI at SAP
Davenport, William R.200308Owner, Magical Strolling Reg
Dimitrov, Atanas M.200308ADP, Director Application Security
Dixon, Cheyenne D.200308Network Engineer at Georgia College
Sumner, Jack R.200308-N/A
Aguilera, Carlos E.200402Executive Consultant - IBM Security at IBM
Bell, Ryan A.200402Maintenance Planning Branch (Avionics) Director, NAVAIR (Dept of Navy)
Ghimire, Abhas200402-N/A
Harrison, Benjamin J.200402Substation Integration/Automation Team Leader at Georgia Power Company
Humphrey, Jay C.200402EuPathDB, Data Loader
Humphries, Jedidiah A. (Jed)200402NeuroCog Trials, Software QA Test Engineer
Joshy, Prasanna200402Sr. Consultant- Health Innovation Technology at Blue Shield of California
Kaduk, Robert L.200402Assistant Service Center Director at The Salvation Army
Looney, Jason B.200402Heat Treat Automation Manager Engineer at SSAB
Maduka, Iheanyi200402-N/A
Mathis, Deyondra L.200402-N/A
Powell, Ramonica C.200402-N/A
Agrawal, Tushar200405-N/A
Reynolds, Patrick S.200405-N/A
Francis, Christina M.200408-N/A
Hill, Tamoco O.200408Mathematics Teacher, Americus-Sumter High SchoolN/A
Kayastha, Vijaya H.200408-
Khan, Imran F.200408Data Analytics & Engineering Lead, Fox (Flim, TV, Sports)
Lamar, Lamekia R.200408-N/A
Angles, Christopher J.200502-N/A
Burnam, Richard A.200502-N/A
Kariuki, Josiah M.200502-N/A
Khakurel, Shailesh200502-N/A
Spillers, Matthew S.200505Micro System Suppprt Specialist at Oconee Center
McKenzie, Sonny C.200508IT Professional at Georgia College & State University
Cavanah, Brent Joseph200602Software Engineer for Northrop Grumman TS
Flatau,William Mason200602Senior Software Engineer at Videa LLC
Hixson, Ian Turnbull200602Sr Manager, Business Intelligence, TechOps & Engineering
Oyapero, Sadiq Bayo200602CEO / Software Architect at Cyhermes Limited
Shiver, Stephen Blake200602Director, Sales Strategy, Execution, & Programs at Red Hat
Stewart, Michael Frederick200602Pilot at United States Marine Corps
Dees, Robert E.200608N/A
McKenzie , Ryan Keith200608N/A
Park, Do Yeon200608N/A
Crider, Joseph Wiley200702Georgia Tech Research Institute, Principal Systems Architect
Dean, Steven Reginald200702Enerst & Young, Information Security Compliance Specialist
Howard, John Collin200702Senior Computer Scientist - United States Navy
Smith, Jesse Clayton200702Layer One Media, Senior Developer
Aguilera, Antonio200705Network Security Engineer at Southern Company, Team Lead IT Security Infrastructure & Engineering
Mayfield, Richard Eric200705Full Stack Developer
Parks, Christopher Ryan200705Director Of Information Systems, Georgia Military College
Spillers, Joshua Morris200705Sr. Application Developer at Emory University
Knight, Marissa Elizabeth200708N/A
Nzailu-Basinsa, Arnold200708Senior Consultant, Cybersecurity, Risk Advisory at Deloitte Canada - Technology Advisory
Smith, David Richard200708Principal Consultant at Collaborative Solutions, LLC
Phillips, William Arthur200802N/A
Goggans, Joseph H200805Cognos Administator at Research Management Consultants Inc.
Weissman, Joseph Garrett200805Staff Engineer, Pindrop
Oplesnin, Alexander Valerievich200808Systems Engineer, Solera
Holloway, Russell David200902Principal Security Automation Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
Morris, Adam Nathaniel200902Target, Senior Software Developer/Engineer
Todd, Andrew Thomas200902Information Security Engineer teir 2 at Jack Henry & Associates
Weaver, John Sibley (Trae)200902Georgia Tech Research Institute, Research Scientist I
Dawes, Shelby Annette200908CACI International Inc., Business Systems Analyst
Ewald, Phillip Joseph200908Application Developer III at Resurgent Capital Services
Hsu, Jowen200908N/A
Regus, Jacob Benjamin200908Robins Air Force Base, Systems Administrator
Stoddard, Christopher Thomas200908Computer Software Professional
Robertson, Daniel Bynum201002Full Stack Developer
Yarborough, Daniel Gregory201002Vehicle Analysis Specialist, Volkswagen of Chattanooga
Clark, William Blake201005Slalom Consulting, Consultant
Hawthorne, William Cleveland201005Web Developer at M&R marketing group
Robinson, Ralph Elisha (Eli)201005Network Administrator at Thiele Kaolin Company
Downer, Samuel Clark201008Producet Support Engineer, Modular MiningN/A
Goodwin, James Kelly201008Assistant Supervisor at Kohl's Distribution Center
Rickman, Kelly Marie201008Senior Web Developer at Georgia College
Andrews, Joshua William201102Software Developer, Wayne Farms LLC
Fechner, Daniel Scott201102Director of Research and Analytics at Georgia Military College
Kelly, Brendan Robert201102MRM/ McCann, Experience Planner
Cheek, Ryan Michael201105SDET Manager, BetterCloud
Henderson, Clayton Lloyd201105Software Engineer and Indie Game Developer
Likai (Scott) Zhang201108Microsoft, Software Development Engineer II
Linenger, Craig A.201108Profisee, Software Developer
Mycek, Joseph B.201108Applications Developer
Bartz, David W.201202Koridor Hospitality, Senior Application Developer
Black, Aaron O.201202Graduate schoolN/A
Blanton, Caila  (Cai) S.201202Engineering Manager at Spotify
Gilmer, Karen E.201202Graduate School, UGA (Karen Aguar)N/A
Jarrard, Zachary E.201202Computer Technician at Georgia Military College
Kammerer, Trent A.201202Principal Software Engineer at Aaron's, Inc
Peat, Oliver W.201202Ping Identity, Software Engineer
Powell, Rachel R.201202N/A
Stewart, Ian P.201202Software Development Engineer In Test at ParkMobile, LLC
Tillmon, Marcus J.201202Rheem Manufactoring, IT Intern
Ricker, Natalie H.201205Operations/Event Coordinator, Notos Technologies
Connolly, Sean J.201208N/A
Hartmangruber, Lawrence P.201208N/A
Johnson, Phillip J.201208Store Manager, Sunglass Hut
Pena, Joseph R.201208Software Engineer 1 at Bsquare
Barnard, Zachary R.201302BetterCloud, Software Engineer
Coleman, Joseph A.201302Softare Support Specialist, Futura Systems
Corley, Andrew B.201302Software Developer at Aptean
Kiser, Charles B.201302DataScan, Senior Software Engineer
Price, Ryan W.201302Riot Games, Software Engineer
Roblero, Helny201302E*TRADE Systems Administrator
Tan, Michael201302Neymarc Visuals, Filmmaker
Bartra, Rick O.201305AT&T Senior member of Technical Staff
Church, Michael L.201305Product Developer at BetterCloud
Manning, John201305OmniVueN/A
Phillips, Billy M.201305Research Management Consultants, Inc. DevOps System Admin
Ruberti, Victor J.201305Robins Airforce Base, Computer Scientist
Shiver, Andrew T.201305Software Engineer, Infax
Allen, Walter201308LeaseQuery, Software Engineer
Barber, Joel201308Software Developer at Aaron's
Cotter, Francis201308Elation Health, Data Engineer
Gibson, Joshua201308
Griffiths,, Software Engineer
Hughey, Thomas201405Cox Automotive Inc., Software Test Engineer II
Nobles, Ja'Nicecia201405-N/A
Poole, Christopher201405Director of Information Technology, Central Georgia Technical College
Shadwick, Joshua201405Software Engineer, Immucor
Vinson, Phillip201405Parkers, System Administrator
Grimes, Robert W201408Developing Mobile Andriod Apps as freelancer & participating in bug bounties
Branan, James E.201502Dev App Associate with Acuity Brands Lighting
Dekle, Kevin J.201502Horizon Industries Limited, Software Developer
Dixon, Hakeem B.201502
Graessle, Ryan M.201502Software Engineer at RouteMatch Software
Kulp, Kevin N.201502Software Engineer at Fidelity Investments
Miller, David E.201502
Murphy, Kevin J.201502IT Support Specialist at Premier Transportation
Rhodes, Delaney R.201502Associate Sofware Engineer at Fidelity Investments
St. Louise, Jarrod201502Computer Scientist at United States Department of Defense
Dean, Kasey201505Still looking
Dietz, David201505Graduate Assistant at Georgia College
Ozeryansky, Kevin201505
Reuning, Thomas W.201505QA Engineer at AnswerRocket
Roberson, Stephen M.201505Software Engineer at NCR Corporation
Fincher, James B.201508
Ford, Shelby A.201508N/A
Land, Tyler A.201508Silvervine Software, Programmer I
Lee, Joo Y.201508N/A
Mullinax, Spencer-Brandon A.201508IT Application Developer at AGCO Corporation
Self, Jonathan D.201508Evanhoe & Associates, Programmer/ Analyst
Smith, William C.201508Delta Airlines, Software Developer
Teston, David M.201508ITS Systems Administrator, Georgia Board of Regents
Aarons, Jared P.201602Quality Assurance Engineer at LeaseQuery
Cousar, William C.201602Software Developer - NCR
Cox, Jonathan S.201602Associate Consultant at Sogeti
Dohner, Jacob T.201602Digital Services Contractor
Heavner, Alexander M.201602Software Engineer at NCR Corporation
Patel, Kirtankumar201602Development Manager at USAN, Inc.
Pitt, David C.201602Map Developer, MapAnything Inc.
Vandyck, Virginia R.201602DXC Technology, Programmer Analyst
Woods, Kevin P.201602N/A
Wright, Brandon M.201602Software Engineer II at NCR Corporation
Zucker, Brent V.201602Lead Machine Learning Engineer at NCR Innovation Lab
Dingress, Daniel A.201605Axiom SSC, JR Web Developer
Matl, Zachary T.201605Country Financial, Security Anaylst
Bechtel, Paul B.201608Greenway Health, Associate Software Engineer
Escobar, Giovanni201608Silverline Software - Programmer
Ha, Min Suk201608Sage - Software Engineer
Minter, Brian201608Software Engineer, OMSCS student GT
Mixon, Jordan201608Cloud Enablement Analyst, Slalom
Rigby, Jess D.201608Software Engineer, MRI Software
Robben, Amy C.201608Techport Thirteen - Jr Software Dev
Schlientz, Ryan W.201608Software Trainer, Revature
Sterrenberg, Todd R.201608Software Engineer, Delta
Thrasher, Brian D.201608
Ballard, Octavius D.201702Senior Analyst, Accenture
Boyd, Bryan E.201702N/A
Domaleski, Christian J.201702Infor, Associate Software Engineer
Gaines, Matthew R.201702Deposco, Software Developer
Kitchens, Patrick M.201702Computer Scientist, US Air Force
Nuss, Frank B.201702Infor, Associate Software Engineer
Schreiber, Kyle T.201702Boeing, Software Engineer
Snow, Jacob201702Application Support Eng. - VMWare
Thurston, Benjamin R.201702Software Eng - Commissions Inc (CINC)
Toth, Alexander R.201702Hoshizaki America, Data Analyst
Whitley, Jackson C.201702Software Analyst, Northfolk Southern Company
Berezinski, Jacob C.201705Digital Content Analyst at The Home Depot
Burns, William E.201705Revature-Tampa, FL
Faber, Charles P.201705Bluwolf - Senior Developer
Poole, Justin T.201705Project Manager, Mueller Water Products
Russell, Todd A.201705N/A
 Jourdan, Louis J.201708
Ariano, Thomas D.201708Phosphorus, Software Engineer
Bernstein, Danielle I.201708Assistant Project Coordinator, Hawk Eye Innovations
Clark, Taylor J.201708
Moyer, Nicholas A. 201708Coastal Computing Consulting, IT Technician
Scarborough, Garrett G.201708
Spehr, John M.201708UPS, Software Developer I
Whetstone, Barrett M. 201708Mueller Water Products , Software Developer
Brown, Kalynn M. 201802
Flynt, Brandon M. 201802
Mitchell, Nicholas A.201802N/A
New, Micheal J. 201802
Newmark, Andrew J. 201802Phosphorus, Software Engineer
Ramsey, Charles (Parker)201802Carnegie Mellon grad program
Smith, Marshall L. 201802GIECO, Programmer Analyst
Thomas, Evan G. 201802Nexidia, software engineer
Thompson, Colton Z.201802Software Engineer
Bailey, Alexander L. 201805Revature, software developer
Dillar, Scott C. 201805nTier Training, Teaching Assistant
Harrison, James K. 201805
Hendricks, Andrew S. 201805Infor, Junior IT Consultant
Beck, Kenneth T.201808N/A
Burns, Ethan C.201808N/A
Crouch, James B. (Ben)201808Software Developer @ LBA Ware
DeGuira, Christopher P.201808Georgia Tech grad school CS
Dupa, Timothy A.201808Aaron's, software engineer
Krider, Kevin N.201808Fiserv, Dev Ops Engineer
Rich, Brian K.201808Youth Challenge Academy, Software Dev then DOD, Sys AdminN/A
Skonber, Nicholas Q.201808Infinity Insurance, Software Engineer at Kemper
Ailbey, Lauren J.201902Bank of America, Data Security Analyst
Cavanaugh, Tanner A.201902Software Engineer
Davis, Sarah C.201902Application Developer, Primerica
Jones, Caleb A.201902NCR
Kimball, Kali J.201902ADP, Application Developer
Morgan, Andrew K.201902Security Officer, BOS Security
Parsons, Anthony R.201902AT&T, Software Engineer
Robertson, Parker W.201902NCR, IT Analyst
Ross, Zachary L.201902
Schunk, Graham T.201902Controls Engineer - Thiele Kaolin Co
Sherrod, Jacob C.201902Gray Computers, Computer Technician
Van Dyke, Stephanie M.201902Cisco, IT Engineer
Wagner, Michael B.201902Delta TechOps, Front End Developer
Eveleigh, Jack Y.201905
Garrett, Olivia (Payton) P.201905ADP, Application Developer
Raitz, Ryan M.201905
Taylor, Ryan (Caleb) C.201905Consultant, CaptTech Ventures
Williams, Duncan K.201905Sogeti, Assoc. Consultant
Blevins, Jacob A.201908Software Engineer at Robins Air Force Base
Derry, Jasmine M.201908
Powell, Scott D.201908N/A
Taylor, Ryan C.201908N/A
Williams, Richard E.201908Developer - Aptean
Ojiagbaje, Chukwufunayan K.202005Information Technology Analyst at NCR
Cahill, Patrick202005
Jimenez, Christian202005Database Manager - GCSU Office of Community
Marshall, Asa202005N/A
McInnis, Heather202005App Developer - ADP