GC Student Scholarships


Visit http://www.gcsu.edu/business/scholarships for a list of scholarships available to students in the business school.

All of these scholarships can be applied for using one application through Georgia College. To apply, log in to https://unify.gcsu.edu/ and click on the link called “Scholarship Application” Each scholarship’s spending allocation changes each year and is dependent on its investment performance the previous year.

Deadline: The scholarship application is always open at the end of December through the first Friday in February.

Visit https://www.gcsu.edu/business/iscs/scholarship-fellowship-and-grant-opportunities for a list of scholarships specific to Information Systems/Computer Science students.

Visit https://www.gcsu.edu/financialaid/ for a list of scholarships for all Georgia College students.

Visit https://www.gcsu.edu/national-scholarships/class-year for a list of scholarships ordered by Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.


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