GCSU Professor Dr. Gongbing Hong Publishes Python Programming BookDr. Hong - Python
Dr. Hong has published his own introduction to Python programing book entitled, Introduction to Programming: A Very Brief Text for the Young and Impatient (Python Edition).
“This book is very easy to read and comprehend. It is a very brief programming book for the young readers who want to learn programming but often find “intimidated” by the bulky programming books on the market. Despite its brevity, it provides sufficient details to help you learn to program at the beginner level.

For this Python edition of the book, we use Python programming language for the real world code examples. Python is one of the best programming languages in terms of simplicity and expressivity. Writing programs in Python is a lot of fun.”

The book is available for purchase here.

Spring 2022 ACM Programming Contest 
 Georgia College ACM held a Java programming contest on Saturday, April 16, 2022. Students worked in teams and raced to complete problems in 3 hours. The following students participated in the contest: Preston Allen, Aiya Bakhitzhanova, Maxim Bannikov, Brady Blackstone, Clay Brown, Kai Deuley, Caroline Hegwood, Shi Hiers, Emma Lancaster, Bryce LeCates, Sean Marsh, Olivia Matlack, Zach Norris, Jay Patel, Ashley Pell, Connor Pillsworth, Zeenal Prajapati, Leighton Scott, Christian Walterhouse and Thad Weldon.

The CS Internship Town Hall on October 22, 2021


Kali Kimball (Class of 2019) Associate Application Developer at ADP

Elliot Conrad  (CS Senior that interned last summer)

Daniella Thomas (Internship Advisor in the University Career

2021 Richard Tapia Celebration of iversity in Computing Conference  9/14/2021 

 The IS&CS department sponsored FOUR students to attend the Richard Tapia Conference. Even though it was virtual again this year, the participants got a chance to be inspired by great presentations and conversations from leaders.Jared Reese - Photo

Students:  Carl Hartry, Nathaniel Stewart, Jared Reese, and Tomero Solomon Jr

Faculty: Dr. Gita Phelps


Jared Reese shares highlights of his experience:

It was fascinating to see how transformative and innovative the computer science field can be. I’ve been inspired more than ever before to pursue my passion.   I enjoyed every session I was in but my personal favorites had to be “Doctoral Consortium: Systemic Review of Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Mental Disorders Associated with Gender-Based Violence” and “Academic: Working with Young People and Teachers In Low-Income Areas To Improve Access To And Participation In Computing.” 

 The first panel featured a discussion on how VR could be used to treat mental disorders through simulation. This was an eye-opening session on how expansive computer science can be. An app was demonstrated that allowed people experiencing gender-based violence to have a space to speak. One of my primary goals in software engineering is to create an app, so I cannot wait until I design an app of my own. 

 The second panel discussed when computer scientists brought technology to low-income country. It truly resonated with me, as, in the past, I held a fundraiser for two Panamanian students, so they could own a computer of their own. I strive to be able to provide for more people living in areas with limited access to computing. 

This was an amazing opportunity! 

Virtual Alumni Visit 9/24/2021Russell Holloway
Andrew Newmark, class of 2018, started off the call by introducing himself. He tells us that he originally was undecided when starting school but quickly found his passion for Computer Science. Now Andrew works in sunny California as a Software Engineer for Phosphorus, Inc. Phosphorus is the backbone tool to secure the rapidly growing and often unmonitored enterprise IoT landscape. Providing visibility down to the device model and firmware version, Phosphorus gives you full, granular visibility into all embedded devices on your network. Phosphorus’s patented capabilities allow you to update all of your IoT devices to the latest firmware and rotate credentials at the click of a button.  
Andrew was followed by Class of 2009 graduate, Russell Holloway. Russell is currently employed as a Sr. Manager at Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is an American multinational cybersecurity company with headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Its core products are a platform that includes advanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings that extend those firewalls to cover other aspects of security. Before signing off Russell left the students with a few tips for getting started in the industry.
To hear more from Andrew and Russell, their interviews can be found here.
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Alum Update 10/09/2020
Class of 2013 alumn Ryan Price joined us to discussryan price
how his career has progressed since graduating.
Before entering the workforce Ryan obtained his Master’s in Software Engineering from Penn State. From there he went to VirtueStream then Dell EMC where he worked as a Software Engineer.
Ryan is currently employeed as a Senior Software Engineer at Riot games in St. Louis, Missouri
Ryan provided many helpful insights on what it is like to be in the computer science field right now, how he got there and what he wish he had known all those years ago.
To hear more from Ryan, his video can be found here.
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Computer Science Internship Town Hall 9/20/2020
The 2020 computer science internship town hall was held virtually on September 20th. Guest speakers included:
Alum Ryan Cheek, Class of 2011, currently working as a software engineer for Ware2Go
Summer Interns:  
Benjamin Adkins, National Aerospace Solutions, Computer Science Major, Physics Minor
 Niko Moran, Trussell Farms
Zhyere Ducksworth, Robins Air Force Base 
 If you would like to watch the recording of the town hall, it can be found here
 Meeting Password: 5?u&gVvK

tapia2020attendees2020 ACM Richard Tapia Conference

The IS& CS department sponsored 8 students and a faculty member to attend the virtual ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, September 16 -18. This conference promotes diversity and connects traditionally underrepresented students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and abilities.

Students logged in to hear keynote presentations, participate in resume clinics, attend technical workshops, and chat with potential employers in the virtual career fair. Speakers talked about biases in artificial intelligence, the need for help in deep learning, and how digital technology will shape the future of businesses.

At the end of each day, Dr. Gita Phelps hosted virtual dinners where the GC students shared what they discovered during the conference.  The GC seniors that attended the conference were Adam Bachman, Marcus Barnes, Dean Crawford, Devin Dorsey, Connor King, Jadrius Scott, Believe Soke, and Paul Molinari.

Script Kitties Win! image

On February 29th Georgia College had three teams compete in the Mercer University Spring Programming Competition. The junior division team who is pictured took first place for their division and finished 16th overall. The two senior division teams placed 18th and 20th overall and 7th and 9th in their division.

Script Kitties (pictured): Emma Lancaster, Zeenal Prajapati, Timothy Tuininga

Graduate UpdateIMG_20191220_133301

On December 20, 2019, Dr. Hong had the chance to visit students Caleb Jones (graduated in 2019, Software engineer), Jacob Sherrod (graduated in 2019), Parker Robertson (graduated in 2019,IT Analyst), and Computer Science minor Luke Walsh (graduated in 2018, Software Quality Engineer) at NCR. They all reported that they thoroughly enjoyed their job and even gave feedback on things they wished they had learned more about. This included learning things such as software development frameworks like Docker and Spring and more Cybersecurity.



On November 15, 20image01019, the Computer Science Town Hall was held at the Hoke Dining room. Guest speakers included:

Mr. Brent Zucker (Class of 2016), Lead Machine Learning Engineer at NCR Innovation Lab

Mr. David Smith, (Internship Employer) Enterprise Architect Specialist at Georgia College
Mr. Jacob Blevins (CS Senior), Interned at Robins Air Force Base

Mr. Frank Richardson (CS Faculty)  Interview Tips

If you would like more information on what was discussed at the town hall click here!

Meet Kali Kimball!

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.27.28 AMIn 2018 Kali did a research experience for undergraduates at Montana State University. Her research was aimed at trying to find a measure of software quality associated with security. She is highly interested in the cybersecurity field and is continuing to gain more knowledge by taking classes such as Artifical Intelligence at GC. Additionally, she is a community advisor on campus, is a member of the Georgia Education Mentorship (pictured here with her mentor), and is in the honors program at GC.

Watch her video now!

The First Girls Who Code Meeting at Georgia College


On March 26, 2019, the first Girls Who Code meeting was held as a partnership between students from the Georgia College IS/CS Department and the Georgia College Early College (GCEC) program. Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization that actively works to close the ever-present gender gap in technology by introducing girls to coding before they reach college. At this meeting, the middle and high school girls from GCEC were introduced to what computer science is, how coding affects our world today, and they also caught a glimpse of the fun project they will be working on for the next three meetings! Using Scratch, the girls will be working on
teams to create any animation they would like. We look forward to seeing the awesome ideas they come up with!
Kali Kimball

Students Explore Taiwan Through New Study Abroad
Dr. Jenq-Foung and other professors of Georgia College led the University’s first study abroad program to Taiwan. Students enjoyed visiting the National Palace Museum, Lungshan Temple of Manka, having a buddy system with the University of TaiPei, etc. Taiwan is one of the top producers for computer technology and provided a great experience for the students.

Class of 2022: Computer science major wants to help others with cyber security

Name: Dashawn Johnson

Hometown: Tennile, GA

Intended major: Computer Science

Why do you want to major in that? I have always found that I love computers. Since around the age of two, I have always had a computer in my hands and I have truly enjoyed my experience with computers. I play a lot of video games and have tried coding every now and then and I just enjoy the feel of technology in my hands.

Why did you choose to come Georgia College? I wanted to come to Georgia College because with the experience that I had with the youth tour I kinda had seen the campus firsthand and spoke to some people here on my first trip here and I saw how beautiful the campus was and I thought well maybe I could go to college here in two years so I decided to apply.

What do you want to get involved with at Georgia College? Coming from high school, I used to do chorus and drama so I’m hopefully going to do both.

What do you want to do as a career once you graduate? I would like to do game design but that’s really difficult to get into but if not that maybe cyber security and try to find a field that fits me. Game design has always been my passion since I was a child. I feel like that’s every boy’s passion at some point in their life and cyber security is important to me because I like to have protection of my computer and if I can help other people be protected from scammers and whatnot, I would feel pretty happy about my life. It is all about serving others.

What’s a fun fact about you? Wow, that is actually really difficult. I can make a really awesome bird noise.

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Class of 2022: Student Parlays Gaming into a Future in Computer ScienceScreen Shot 2019-09-09 at 4.04.08 PM

Name: Timothy Perrine

Hometown: Leesburg, GA, which is right next to Albany

Intended major: Computer Science

What attracted you to your intended major?:  From an early age, I’ve always had a fascination with computers and it just seems that’s the way the world is going so it seems like a good thing to go into. I love playing games and I love making games.

What are you most looking forward to at Georgia College?: Experiencing things. I don’t really go out with friends a lot. I’m excited to be here, hang out, and make friends.

What is your driving force in pursuing higher education?: I feel like it was expected for me, but I really couldn’t see myself not pursuing higher education. I like school. It’s fun. I like classes. I like learning.

What student activities, clubs, or organizations interest you the most?: Definitely some sort of game club, whether it be board gaming or video gaming.


Coding Wizards Win Contest

2018: GC Computer Science students Hawke Kuehne, Emory Lindsey and Adam Bachman won a computer programming contest at Mercer University, with the support of Professor Gita Phelps.


Researching ways to Measuring Software Quality

kali2017: GC Computer Science student, Kali Kimball, partnered with a student from Georgia Tech in a 10-week research program at Montana State University. Their research on Measuring Software quality will be presented at the Council on Undergraduate  Research Experiences for Undergraduates Symposium in October 2017.



Computer Science Students’ Summer Internship Experiences

intern12017: Several computer science students who completed internships over the summer shared their experiences and lessons learned to beginning computer science majors. CS students worked at a variety of companies including Robins Air Force Base, Navicent Health, UPS, LBA Ware, GEICO, and Phosphorous Cyber Security.


GC Students Win Competitionmercer-comp

2017: Congratulations to Emma Bourne and Caleb Taylor! Emma and Caleb, who are both second-semester computer science majors, recently represented Georgia College in the Mercer Spring Programming Contest on February 25th 2017 and won first place in the Junior Team / Small School Division. Colleges from all over Georgia and the surrounding states send teams of computer science students to compete in this contest each year, and these colleges are grouped into four divisions based on seniority of the students and number of computer science faculty in the department. Each team is composed of up to three computer science students. Caleb and Emma won their division despite only having two people on their team, and solved more problems than all but one small college senior team as well! Theirs was truly an exceptional performance.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science now accredited by ABET



2016: The Georgia College computer science degree program is now accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.). ABET accreditation assures employers that anyone with a degree from an accredited program is guaranteed to have a certain set of skills and level of knowledge placing GC students in a position to have more career opportunities.

App Lands GC Student Ticket to Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference 

minterBrian Minter was chosen as one of only 350 students worldwide to attend the 2016 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, June 13-17, for his creation of CourseKeeperios App.  He was able to meet Apple engineers, attend workshops and get a first glimpse at new operating systems and updates.



Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.45.16 PMBrian Minter Shares Experience From Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference

Brian Minter reflected on his experience at Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference discussing meeting other app developers, Apple’s Keynote, and his interactions with top Apple engineers. He goes on to discuss how he was able to gain so much knowledge from this experience feels very thankful for Georgia College helping him attend this conference.



Computer science students participate in National Science Foundation program

rhodes_kulp 2014: Georgia College seniors Delaney Rhodes and Kevin Kulp spent 10 weeks at East Carolina University for a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).




Students design software that simulates medical barcode scanning

barcode2014: Ja’Nicecia Nobles  and Kevin Ozeryansky developed software for the Georgia College School of Nursing that allows nursing students to simulate real-world scenarios.  Nursing students will use the program to scan both the patient barcodes and medication barcodes to make sure they have the correct information. The software also simulates patient profiles where information can be added and removed and allows for printing unique barcodes for both patients and medication.


Student showcases Phidget Project at Fellowship Christian SchoolGCSU Student, Chris DeGuira, presented Phidget project at an Atlanta area High School (Fellowship Christian School) Summer 2016

IMG_0706 IMG_0705 IMG_0704



    • GCSU Newsletter: Spring 2014 Atkinson Notes(Phidget & Lego Mindstorm Projects on Page 5 and Senior Projects on Page 8)


Programming Contests:

There are a lot of opportunities to participate in programming contests at Georgia College.









GCSU Students create an app for the career center

GCSU Students Create App for Campus Safety

snap2011: With a touch to a smart phone screen, Georgia College students now can request a safety escort for transportation during evening hours from the Student Night Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP). Georgia College students designed, developed and implemented the web-enabled SNAP app. “The SNAP app was a great opportunity for information systems and computer science students to work together,” Dr. Gita Phelps said. “Students learned new techniques in programming, collaborating with each other and working with clients.


GCSU Students Create App for Campus Safety | Schools | Milledgeville News

There’s An App For That (pg 12)